New Role at Aish of the Rockies: Jacobs Named Director of Donor Engagement

New Role at Aish of the Rockies: Jacobs Named Director of Donor Engagement

Greenwood Village, DENVER — Zev Jacobs, one of the driving forces behind Aish Denver’s reorganization and transformation into a regional organization, Aish of the Rockies, was named Director of Donor Engagement on July 1. In this newly created role, Zev serves as a member of the leadership team, working shoulder-to-shoulder with Founder and CEO Rabbi Yaakov Meyer and the team. Taking over primary fundraising responsibilities, Zev, who has attracted generous gifts to Aish since his 2017 arrival, will oversee an associate operations manager while concentrating more on the fiscal needs of ever-expanding programs and facilities.

“We’ve professionalized, we’ve celebrated our 25th anniversary, and operations are at a very stable and secure place,” said Zev, who pulled together Aish of the Rockies’ various programs and helped to create a greater whole, first as Director of Operations and then as Chief Operating Officer. “We’re looking to grow the impact of Aish of the Rockies, and this requires an increased focus on resource development. I’m excited about expanding partnerships in the region while shaping institutional culture in this realm. I am thrilled to work closely with our partners and supporters who care so deeply and seek to actualize the Aish mission in their own unique ways.”

The creation of this new role signals a new era for Aish of the Rockies, including a welcome shift for Rabbi Meyer, whose first love has always been teaching. Community lay leader Robert Pitler praised Zev’s track record and added that “he will now provide fundraising expertise that will give Rabbi Meyer proper support for his monumental tasks.” In the words of past Board Chair Zvi Gelt, Rabbi Meyer will now have the capacity to rise to his potential as “an international figure” and “a leader of all of Klal Yisroel.”

Zev came to Aish with an academic background in business, educational leadership, and nonprofit management with extensive training and mentorship, and with more than fifteen years of professional experience. As Executive Director of Chicago’s Kehillah Jewish Education Fund, he secured unprecedented gifts and dramatically increased giving programs.

“In less than four years here, Zev has brought the organization to further growth and has shown great dedication and commitment,” Rabbi Meyer reflected. “He’s always thinking about the big picture.”

Board Chair Jenny Finke agrees. “Zev is a stellar and trusted leader. We will look to Zev to help communicate our vision to the greater Rocky Mountain region and to help us rally the support we need so that we can impact the lives of more Jewish people everywhere.”

Zev welcomes calls and emails from current and prospective supporters as he works to develop Aish of the Rockies’ resources through grants, sponsorships, major gifts, planned giving, and fundraising events. He can be reached at or (303) 476-6822.

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