“Aish of the Rockies is celebrating and thanking Hashem for 25 years of accomplishments and impact. We are celebrating 25 years of caring, learning, and growing together.”

– Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Founder and Rabbi

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  • 10 Big Jewish Inventions

    1. The Teddy Bear The political cartoon by Clifford Berryman that inspired the teddy bear. Did you know that the teddy bear owes its existence to a Jewish couple? Morris Michtom, a Brooklyn candy […]

  • Take Two: Why Pesach Sheini is Significant to Our Family

    “Second Passover,” or Pesach Sheini, a minor Jewish holiday, is anything but minor in my family. It was on that Jewish date, which, in 1945, fell on April 27 (and this year, falls on May 15), […]

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