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Mezuzah Articles

Mezuzah: The Complete Guide to a Jewish Doorpost

It works better than any sophisticated alarm system and is more effective than a guard dog. Mezuzah (plural: mezuzot) is an easy mitzvah to perform … Read More on >

The Mezuzah Scroll and Case

The Scroll – Two portions of Deuteronomy are written on the Mezuzah parchment scroll in their original Hebrew. The verses, from 6:4-9 and 11:13-21, are … Read More on >

Mezuzah: The Inside Story

Complete guide to making your doorpost Jewish. But will it protect your home? … Read More on >

Tefillin Articles

Tefillin: All about those powerful black boxes, placed on the head and arm.

Tefillin are special boxes and straps placed on one’s head and arm, as the Torah says: “Bind [these commandments] as a sign on your arm … Read More on >

Tefillin in Hell: A 70-year saga of torture, escape and reunion.

Eliyahu Herman looks like everyone’s favorite zaydie in Jerusalem. Beardless, with a large knitted kippah, he doesn’t fit the stereotype image … Read More on >

Mezuzah and Tefillin For Purchase

Aish of the Rockies maintains a collection of Mezuzahs and Tefillin available for sale at affordable prices. To inquire about the purchase of Mezuzah or Tefillin, please email or call our Business Office at (303) 220-7200. You can also visit and enter the code JOIDenver if you live in the Denver Metro Area.

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