Who We Are

Who We Are

Aish of the Rockies is a Jewish non-profit 501c3 organization and a member of the Aish HaTorah Global network of Jewish education and community outreach institutions, now numbering more than twenty worldwide. We are the largest Aish Center outside of Jerusalem, with a menu of programs and a cadre of experts. Founded and led by Rabbi Yaakov and Chaya Meyer, we’ve served thousands over the past twenty-five years and are committed to a vibrant Jewish outreach future in Colorado and beyond.

“Our expansion and growth to Aish of the Rockies means we are focused on having a greater and more widespread reach and impact in our efforts to inspire great depth, love, and passion for Judaism.”

– Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Founder and CEO

Our Mission & Values

The Aish HaTorah mission is to empower every Jew to discover the unlimited potential through Torah wisdom in an inspiring, relevant and welcoming way, encouraging every Jew to fulfill his or her personal destiny.

As a part of Aish HaTorah, we seek to build a warm-hearted community. We aim to inspire community partnership and promote the understanding that it is our personal responsibility to make a difference to the Jewish people so that every Jew can experience the joy of Jewish living. We provide opportunities to learn the Wisdom of the Jewish people, the Torah, and to grow by applying this Wisdom to become better Jews in our behavior and character.

“This is my community, and I love helping to grow this organization that inspires us to meaningfully weave Judaism into daily life.”

– Dr. Shari Fox, Board Member

We Believe

  • Judaism is not all or nothing. It is a journey pursued at one’s own pace and interest in which every step is worthwhile in itself.
  • Mitzvot (commandments) are not just rituals, but opportunities for personal growth which are to be studied and understood.
  • Torah is wisdom for living and teaches us how to maximize our potential and find the right pleasures in life.
  • We are responsible for one another. Standing together, no goal is beyond our reach, but almost no goal is attainable when we are splintered.
  • We should act with urgency to confront the spiritual and physical challenges facing the Jewish people.
  • With free will, every individual can change the world, but this also means that each of us is responsible to get the job done.
  • Our Jewish tradition, sourced from the Torah, has helped to transform the world and will continue to do so if Jewish people continue to accept the challenge.