Growth Through Kaddish: After my father died, we continued to grow together.

My father passed away just a little over a year ago. Fortunately, Judaism provides many tools to help a mourner cope with the grief and to accept the loss … Read More on Aish.com >

My 11 Months of Kaddish: The message of the Kaddish prayer – remembering your mission in this world.

My father, Herman Weisman, was a modest man, but also a man of passion, quiet courage and determination. … Read More on Aish.com >

Text of the Mourner’s Kaddish

Kaddish, a praise to G‑d said in the presence of a minyan (quorum of 10 men), is traditionally chanted by those mourning the loss of a close relative and then every year on the anniversary of passing (yahrtzeit).  … Read More on Chabad.org >

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