Chametz Sales Form

Certificate of Chametz Sale

The Torah tells us that not only may a Jew not eat chametz (leavened food) on Passover, a Jew may not even own chametz during Passover. Traditionally, many people rid themselves of their chametz by selling any chametz that they own or that is in their possession to a non-Jew, for at least the duration of the Pesach holiday. It is extremely vital to take care of this obligation.

Please fill out the  form below no later than Monday, April 6th (AT THE VERY LATEST – the sooner the better!) Rabbi Meyer will gladly arrange to have your chametz sold to the appropriate party, before Pesach. 

  • I (we) hereby authorize Rabbi Yaakov Meyer or his designee to dispose of all Chametz that may be in my possession wherever it may be at home, at my (our) place of business, or elsewhere as specified below in accordance with requirements of Jewish law as incorporated in the main contract for the sale of Chametz.

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