The best way to join the event is to click the “Access Online Event” link in your confirmation email. 

Alternative Methods to Join the Event:

If you know your Access Code but lost your email, you can simply click the “Access Online Event” button on this page and enter your code. If you misplaced your email or lost your code, click the “Access Online Event” button on this page and follow the “Lost Code” link and instructions. 

Still need help? Call the Business Office at 303 220 7200 Ext 0

How The Virtual Event Works

1. Buy Your Ticket

You need only 1 ticket per household viewing of the event. Click the “buy tickets” link and complete your payment. There are many ticket options to support Aish of the Rockies for this celebration. All tickets come with a personal greeting for the digital ad journal. 

2. Save Your Confirmation Email

There is a direct link in your confirmation email to view the event – but do not click this until you are certain on which device and at which location you will be viewing the event. The link and access code is only valid for 1 device and location. Once you click the link, your device will be set (based on IP) and you cannot watch from a different device or location later. Keep your email in a safe place for easy access on August 23!

3. Join the Celebration

The celebration starts at 4pm on August 23, 2020. Simply click the “Access Online Event” link in your email and you will have access to the live program. You can control the volume and/or enter full screen mode by clicking these icons on the video:

If you Register BY August 19

We will deliver a VIP Gift Bag with chocolate and wine to your Metro Denver home and you will be entered to win the Escape to Vail Sweepstakes!

25th Anniversary Event Committee

Honorary Event Chairs

Sunny & Norman Brownstein
Shoshana & Ted Zvi Gelt
Vicki Bluma & Neil Olesky
Sandy & Ronnie Schiff
Kay & Steve Shraiberg

Event Chairs

Linda & Jerry Kernis
Cheryl & Art Kutzer


Michele & Dan Askenazi
Yehudis Shifra & Ari Aragon
Pennie & Jesse Aragon
Melanie & Dr. Marc Avner
Lisa Berkow
Whitney Chotin-Wolz & Chad Wolz
Shayna & Scott Citron
Dr. Goldie & Dr. Joel Cohen
Esti Erlanger
Lisa Feld
Jenny & Darren Finke
Kaiya & Jason Fox
Dr. Shari Fox
Shlomo Fried
Linda Gershater
Wendy & Jay Greenwald
Pam & Kevin Jinkerson
Jamie & Rabbi Yisrael Katz
Kathy & Dr. Dimitri Kaufman
Melanie & Brandon Knaster
Susan Kramer
Linda & Ken Levin


Dana & Brad Licht
Andy Linkow
Lisa & John Lutz
Chaya & Ken Major
Laurie & Michael Marcus
Ariella & Dr. Michael Milobsky
Beth Ginsberg & Dr. Bruce Morgenstern
Rae & Rick Negreann
Rhoda Reiss-Pitler
Katie Rosenthal
Trudy Rubinson
Esti & Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab
Kareen & Hal Shapiro
Dr. Bill Silvers
Teena & Bud Slatkin
Rochelle & Rich Sokol
Susan Tandler
Amy Toltz-Miller
Debra Weinstein
Allison & Bob Weiss
Randy Weiss
Cindy & Michael Wolfe

TRIBUTE Committees

Denver Rabbis Tribute Committee (in Formation)

Rabbi Benjy Brackman
Rabbi Yaakov Chaitovsky
Rabbi Yisroel Engel
Rabbi Joseph Friedman
Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
Rabbi Aver Jacobs
Rosh HaYeshiva HaRav Yisreol Meir Kagan
Rabbi Avraham Mintz
Rabbi Daniel Rapp
Rabbi Myer Schwab
Dean of the Denver Kollel Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab
Dean of the Denver Kollel Rabbi Shachne Sommers
Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg
Rabbi Yoel Unger
Rosh HaYeshiva HaRav Yitzchok Wasserman

Aish Global Tribute Committee (in Formation)

Leadership, Rosh HaYeshiva HaRav – Yitzchok Berkovits
Leadership, CEO – Rabbi Steven Burg
Leadership, Executive Director – Ariel Kotler
Aish Jerusalem & Ignite – Rabbi & Mrs. Jamie & Ilana Cowland
Aish Jerusalem, Yeshiva Menahel – Rabbi Dovid Rosman
Aish Jerusalem – Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg
Aish Jerusalem – Rabbi Yonah Yaffe
Aish.Com – Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith
Aish.Com – Rabbi Jack Kalla
Project Inspire – Rabbi Chaim Sampson
Project Inspire – Rabbi Yossie Friedman
Aish Israel – Rabbi Eitiel Goldwicht
Aish Israel – Rabbi Shimmy Kaufman
Aish NY – Rabbi Elliot Mathias
Aish NY – Rabbi Adam Jacobs
Aish St. Louis – Rabbi Yosef David
Aish Toronto – Rabbi Mitch Mandel
Aish Toronto Village Shul – Rabbi Tzvi Sytner
Aish Thornhill Community Shul – Rabbi Avram Rothman
Aish LA – Rabbi Aryeh & Rochel Markman
Aish Detroit – Rabbi Simcha Tolwin
Aish UK – Rabbi Daniel Rowe
United Kingdom, Jewish Futures – Rabbi Naftali Schiff
Aish Alumnus Colleague – Rabbi Elazar Grunberger
Aish Alumnus Colleague – Rabbi Aron Hoch
Aish Alumnus Colleague – R/M Ephraim & Esther Shore
Aish Alumnus Colleague – Rabbi Gavriel Kleinerman

Tribute Committee in Honor of Chaya Meyer (in Formation)

Mrs. Miriam Buxbaum
Mrs. Esther Feldheim
Mrs. Pearl Gross
Mrs. Shoshana Hollander
Mrs. Adina Krausz
Rabbi & Mrs. Nusy Lefkowitz
Mrs. Esther Melamed
Mrs. Machla Perkowski
Mrs. Kreindel Pinkus
Mrs. Aviva Polter
Mrs. Tova Rosenfeld
Mrs. Bruria Schwab
Mrs. Jane Seidemann
Dr. Miriam Siderson
Mrs. Bracha Steinberg
Rebbetzen Faigy Twerski
Mrs. Yudit Walles
Mrs. Reva Wasserman

JOI Tribute Committee in Honor of Sarah & Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield (in Formation)

Megan & Daniel Baron
Rachel & Andrew Baum
Carley Brooks
Julie & Jon Caruso
Elizabeth & Mischa Danaceau
Candice & Bob Fein
Steven Felsen
Alana Goldberg
Alexis Gorlin
Rachel & Samuel Green
Adriane & Josh Greenberg
Pam & Kevin Jinkerson
Marnie & Jeff Klein
Dr. Shana Kronish & Cody Glickman
Walter & Walter Zajd